A team building program designed for remote and in-person teams

This is an immersive bookclub that bonds

You will read an engaging leadership story, apply weekly lessons and share your insights with your team. 

You'll look forward to reading the next chapter every week 

15 minutes 

Read or listen to one chapter a week


45 Minutes

Weekly Forum meeting with your team 


12 Weeks 

Grow, connect & transform together 

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Inspire, Lead & Turnaround

This program will help you launch a transformational book club with your co-workers

 The Turnaround Artists is an actionable, culture building program that will cause a powerful ripple effect in your personal, family and work life. 

Turnaround Artists is based on a true story about change and culture building at a family business. 

When his father falls ill, a high flying entrepreneur steps in to save his family's restaurant. But if the business is to survive, he must overcome shrinking  sales, disgruntled employees and his father's bitter opposition to everything he does.

This program takes you through a fun guided process to create engaging team culture and teaches you the necessary tools to transform your personal and professional life. 

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What You'll Achieve

 Powerful Virtual Bonds with Your Co-Workers & Peers

Causing a Positive Ripple Effect Everywhere You Go 

Learning the Steps to Building Great Culture 

A Habit of Gratitude

Mastery of the Three Zones of Active Listening

Defining Your Leadership Vision

Awareness of Your Impact on Others

Ability to Navigate Challenging Emotions

Elevating Others with Recognition & Praise

A Coaches' Instinct by Asking Powerful Questions

Confidence to overcome the Impostor Syndrome

Get the Highest ROI on your Team Development

We gurantee 100% that you and your team members will be among our newest testimonials when you experience this program.
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Story, Action, Discussion

How you will build new leadership instincts that stick

This program has one key objective: 

To help you elevate your experience at work: both in-person & remotely.

This immersive experience is divided into 12 modules

1) Read or listen to one chapter a week (~15 mins), 

2) Watch a video lesson about a new leadership tool (2mins),

3)  Apply the specific action step of that chapter during the week to bring that tool to life (~30 seconds) and,

4) Discuss your experiences & insights with your Forum group (45 mins). 

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"Read Turnaround Artists and put these steps into practice."

Paul Dickerson, CEO of Credo Partners, YPO Gold Fort Worth

Unleash the Culture Within

About the Author: Ahad Ghadimi

For the last decade I have been leading culture change at companies around the world. These have often been at troubled or bankrupt businesses. 

After successfully turning around and selling my last business, I asked myself one simple question:

With so many people unhappy with their workplace experience - how do we take the fundamentals that have worked time and time again and make it available to the maximum number of people?

The answer was this book. I wrote Turnaround Artists, which tells the story of a tumultuous business turnaround while guiding you on how to lead change at home and at work. 

While people enjoyed reading the book, we realized it wasn’t enough to cause large scale transformation. The process needed more structure and guidance. It wasn't enough to read the book - we want readers to apply it. 


Thus this immersive program was born.  A guided experience that helps team members come together, grow together and experience fulfillment through personal transformation.

This is a tool to systematically make your company a best place to work.

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Testimonials from Global CEOs

"With remote work, we are alone together. This program is a great tool to create virtual work culture."

Jim Trounson, CEO Medvale, YPO Idaho

"Turnaround Artists has a lot of application in different aspects of daily life. I think everyone should read it."


"Dude. Your book is amazing. I have totally turned around two relationships at work as a result of the listening [exercises] I’ve done. You’re a f#cking genius."

Eric Silber, CEO Elmira Group, YPO Toronto

"Do this program with your executive team."

Kerry Siggins, CEO Stonehege, YPO Colorado

"This was amazing...I've already begun running it with my company."

Julio Monzon, President MonetizeMore, YPO Global One

"This is an opportunity to breakdown barriers and not feel siloed."

Brian Bachand, CEO Evolution Evolution, Toronto

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